About the exhibition

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The Corona virus pandemic brought the whole world in isolation, preventing free movement within the country, and even banning movement abroad. Now, after just one year of isolation, the European population feels tired of it.

Europeans do not know how tedious the 22-year isolation is for the population of Kosovo, which remains the only country in Europe without the right to free movement! We live almost like in a 21st century concentration camp from which you can only get out with a special permit. 

I presented the communication of the idea of this state in 16 Postmodern works of art and digital photography, which through the Personal Exhibition "Tired of Isolation?" aims to sensitize and raise awareness of the wider international public regarding the denial of the basic right to free movement.

We are geographically located in Europe!

The exhibited works represent my revolt against the unjust isolation of our country over the last 22 years.


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